How You Can Support Gay Comedy in LA!

1)  A Permanent Home Base.
Nightclubs, Theaters, Lofts, Art Galleries,
Restaurants, Dance Studios (Let's get creative!)

...from which to produce our weekly shows and conduct our
improv and standup workshops.

Everyone knows theater struggles to survive in LA. The Mafia is a tough old broad, and we've played in many venues sometimes creating performance space where there was none before, but we'd thrive with a permanent home and a co-producer. We can produce as many evenings of comedy as you desire (heck, we know everybody in town!). 
We bring in regular business and we offer unusual entertainment for the gay and lesbian community. We also offer great advertising exchange through our mailing list and website, not to mention the foot traffic we bring from audience members. In addition, your business would be responsible for putting gay comedy at the head of the line!

2) Rehearsal Space.
We rehearse in the evenings twice a week, and any empty space with a roof will do. Office space that isn't being used. Warehouse space. Something that isn't too hot in the summer. We can offer advertising exchange in our programs/newsletter and on our website, as payment. 

What a great way to support
lesbian and gay comedy theater in Los Angeles!



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