began her own clowning and mime troupe at the ripe age of 14. Her professional acting training started at North Carolina School of the Arts and eventually continued through the streets of New York City with stand-up, improv and the theater which included, Burning Habits, Opal and an off-Broadway role-reversal of Julius Caesar. While in Los Angeles, projects have included Torn, an improvised dramedy, October-Housewife the Musical, Joni and Gina's Wedding. Recent film projects include Socket, The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror, This Woman's Work and then there were several television pilots, as well. Allie continues to perform improv regularly with The Gay Mafia and is known to do some stand-up from time to time about her southern upbringing with true-to-life characters. She is grateful for her gifts and the ability of gag and perfect pratfalls.