Sergio is a retired Navy Seal
who lives in the rockin’est unit
of the retirement village ...

His adventures thus far:

Episode 1 (1/24/03):
Sergio’s boytoy Fred stole a purse. Sergio’s close friend, Party Nurse, offered advice.

Episode 2: (1/31/03):
Horrible Internet tricks visited Sergio’s Place.

Episode 3: (2/7/03):

Salvatore, Sergio’s ex-lover, returned to Sergio's Place and wanted to reunite.

Episode 4: (2/14/03):
Fred and Salvatore fought over Sergio. Party Nurse was obsessed with her ex-lover, Cathy.

Episode 5: (2/21/03):
Fred moved out.

Episode 6: (3/7/03):
Fred discovered his separation from Sergio inspired a talent for profound poetry.

Episode 7: (3/14/03):
Sergio looked for Fred behind the bowling alley.

Episode 8: (3/21/03):
Sergio and Party Nurse pursued Fred to a poetry salon.

Episode 9: (3/28/03):
Fred gave his first public poetry reading at the salon. Party Nurse heard Cathy's voice.

Episode 10
Season Finale Cliffhanger: (4/04/03):
Salvatore came looking for Sergio. Cathy's voice threatened Party Nurse. A gunshot rang out! Everyone collapsed!

Episode 11: (6/28/03):
Salvatore confessed to trying to shoot Sergio's boytoy, Fred. Sergio was wounded in the thigh instead. Salvatore was carted off to jail by Officer Carla.

Episode 12: (7/12/03):
Sergio vowed to bail Salvatore out of jail. Party Nurse told Sergio: "...and you know what they say about Sunnyside Jail..."

Episode 13: (7/19/03):
A big shirtless muscle hunk named Jocko, tried to seduce both Salvatore and Sergio in jail.

Episode 14: (7/26/03):
Purse-snatching poet-boytoy, Fred, shared a jail cell with Salvatore.

Episode 15: (8/2/03):
Sergio began counseling with Dr. Joanne. Party Nurse and Dr. Joanne ran off together.

Episode 16
Summer Season Finale Cliffhanger: (8/9/03)
Fred and Dr. Joanne tricked Sergio and he was held captive at the Sunnyside Sanitarium.

Episode 17: (2/7/04)
Sergio escaped from the Sunnyside Sanitarium with Salvatore and Party Nurse. Sergio accepted Salvatore's proposal of marriage.

Episode 18: (2/21/04)
Evil boytoy Fred complicated Sergio's marriage plans by revealing he had already married Sergio during a bender in Belgium.

Episode 19: (2/28/04)
Sergio returned to Sergio's Place and discovered it vandalized by the Belgium Gay Underground. Sergio had pre-marriage jitters.

Episode 20: (3/6/04)
Sergio and Salvatore married in San Francisco. Fred announced he had joined The Belgium Gay Underground and Sergio would be taken back to Belgium for good.


Episode 21: (3/20/04)
Sergio, Salvatore, and Party Nurse hid beneath Golden Gate Park in an ancient Indian Lesbian Cave. Party Nurse discovered Cathy's San Francisco wedding certificate to another woman.

Episode 22: (5/15/04)
Party Nurse revealed Cathy was a Republican.  Evil boytoy Fred and the BGU kidnapped Sergio, Salvatore and Party Nurse and flew them to Belgium in a Cessna.

Episode 23: (5/22/04)
While in Belgium, Fred revealed he was after Sergio's pension and was also part of a plot by Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to send all U.S. Gays to Belgium.

Episode 24: (6/5
The Gang escaped from Belgium and the BGU, and returned to Sergio's Place.

Episode 25: (6/12/04)
Party Nurse and Salvatore tried to cure
Sergio of amnesia.

Episode 26: (6/19/04)
Salvatore was kidnapped by evil boytoy, Fred.

Episode 27: (6/26/04)
Season Finale Cliffhanger:
Sergio lost Salvatore to Fred. Party Nurse
learned a shocking secret about Cathy.


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